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Story Image is a London-based film distribution company focusing on producing, discovering and releasing independent films to the worldwide audiences.

Our mission is to find yet undiscovered indie gems and connect them with targeted audiences around the world through meticulous research and creative marketing.

Collaborating with an established visual development company Anthony Z Studio, we offer poster design and trailer editing services, as well as marketing and PR management.

Now it is easier than ever to produce a film, but much more difficult to reach the audiences through the noise.

After noticing how complicated and disheartening the distribution process can be for our fellow filmmakers,

we decided to put our knowledge into use by helping independently produced movies to see the light of day.

If you have a project you would like us to consider, please get in touch via email:


A micro-budget debut feature GHOST was shot entirely on an iPhone with completely unknown cast and crew.

We managed to set-up a limited theatrical release in the UK and when it was halted by Covid-19, switched

to Amazon Prime, where it was streamed by over 130,000 viewers during the first two months just in the UK.

It also received a bunch of positive reviews from the critics, including Rotten Tomatoes approved publications.

This successful release was a result of our well researched and creatively tailored approach to distribution.

Story Images also organises an annual film festival in London aiming to discover new voices. Read more...

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