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Story Image is an independent studio based in London, focusing on arthouse films and audiovisual projects.

Our production branch offers a range of services from script development to shooting and full post-production.

We've made a number of films, commercials and music videos, which can be found on PRODUCTION page.

We are also very passionate about discovering and supporting fresh talent with our annual Story Image Festival.

Project submissions for festival entries and distribution review requests are welcome via our DISCOVERY page.

Our main focus lies in sharing a unique brand of stories from theatrical DISTRIBUTION to online VOD platforms.

The most recent film, a feature drama Ghost, is available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand worldwide.

For all the news and updates about our projects and events, please follow our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Brief history:

2005 - first short film The Professional | 2015 - founding of Story Image Limited | 2020 - first feature Ghost

Our very beginning was as filmmakers collective at National M. K. Ciurlionis School of Art in Lithuania.

Originally called Praktika Films ('practice' or 'workshop' in Lithuanian), we produced a number of shorts,

including live action, documentary and animation works, such as a rural comedy thriller 'The Second Bloodl'

and philosophical film 'The Hospital' - a deep and open conversation between a renowned theatre director,

a high-school history teacher and an unorthodox Dominican monk, taking place at an abandoned hospital.

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