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Promo video for Goodname



Goodname is an artwork provider for gaming and motion picture industries based in Vilnius, Lithuania




Goodname approached us looking for a film introducing their studio to their clients and followers

which would have more of an abstract low-key poetic flare instead of a usual corporate video.


As Goodname chose to focus on the people and the process instead of the artwork they produce

we recognized this as an exciting opportunity to explore their uniquely talented human resource

and collaborative ethic through a cinematic narrative instead of a more usual video presentation.


Closely collaborating with the team at Goodname we've devised a story taking place in one day

from morning to night, introducing the artists as a diverse set of characters traveling to work,

spending the day together doing the work they love and relaxing together in the evening.




We shot the film in Vilnius, where Goodname is based, as the city with a strong medieval atmosphere

and a strong presence of nature plays a major role in representing the studio's unique roots and setting.


Our goal was to make the film both natural and cinematic, so we've collaborated with one of the

leading cinematographers in Lithuania Eitvydas Doskus, known for his award-winning documentary

and narrative features, including 2017 movie 'Frost' by Sharunas Bartas about the war in Ukraine

featuring Vanessa Paradis and screened at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.



The full 2min. length video premiered on Goodname official Facebook page on 18 October.

Other outputs include 30s edit for Instagram and a 10s version for the Facebook page cover.






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The full 2 min. version

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